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Location is the Future of Social Networking

The Irish Times ran a piece on the growth of location-based social networking (geosocial networking), covering Locle, FourSquare, Gowalla, Facebook, Google Latitude and Twitter.

…”Dublin-based Locle actually takes a different approach than the manual check-in: the app runs in the background and detects when you are near someone you know. “We built Locle as something that happens while you’re busy doing something else.”…

Facebook Places and Locle on News at 9

The launch of Facebook Places, which uses manual location check-in similar to FourSquare, Gowalla and BrightKite, prompted coverage of Locle by Irish broadcaster RTE on the national news. Locle co-Founder, Pieter Oonk explains the joys of location based social networking to mothers across the nation.

The usual concerns about privacy are raised, but “you don’t have to turn the feature on”.

For Locle, Facebook Places cements the split in the location-based apps sector between game-play manual checkins (Facebook Places, FourSquare) on the one side and serendipity through automagical trackMe (Google Latitude, Locle) on the other.

Watch the clip here:,null,230

Locle for Nokia – Top 10 Best Selling Social Network Apps

We didn’t even realise it ourselves until Nokia contacted us this week, but Locle for Nokia has been a top ten Best Selling app in the Ovi Store.

If the sales figures are good, we’ll do an update for the upcoming S40 phone.

Locle for Palm Pre on App Catalog

Locle for Palm Pre App Catalog

Locle for Palm Pre and Palm Pixi is now available in the Palm App Catalog.  This version of Locle is developed on Palm’s new webOS platform, which makes use of web standard HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

The webOS version of Locle has been selected for pre-install on O2 Palm Pre phones in the Irish market.

Locle is now available on more mobile handsets and smart phones than any other geosocial networking app. Go to from any of these phones: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm Pre, Windows Mobile, UIQ, Symbian for Nokia, Java ME for Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG and more, in addition to the mobile web version at

Locle Nominated for Mobile Premier Awards 2010

Mobile Premier Awards 2010 NomineeLocle has been put forward for the Mobile Premier Awards 2010 by Mobile Monday Dublin.  The awards received over 600 nominations, of which 50 companies are nominated. 

Thanks to everyone at MoMoDublin.