About Locle

Locle is a new mobile “buddy finder” application that lets users see where their friends and family are without the need for GPS or mobile network operator location based services. Locle integrates with social application platforms such as Facebook, Bebo and MySpace to bring web-like social networking functionality to the phone.

The Locle application is based on a downloadable mobile phone client tied into a web-based backend. When the Locle client is activated, it identifies the user’s location and presents the location of “friends” who also use the application. Friends can be both contacts from your mobile phone address book or contacts from your social networks. Locle can also keep you up to date on relevant information to your location such as local events, news, weather and provide details on local restaurants, cinemas and ATM machines etc.

The Locle application is the foundation on which new and exciting location-based services can be built: dating, security, enterprise, gaming. 

Locle is available as a white-label mobile software service.  Try Locle for Eircom.net at http://eircom.locle.com.