Locify not like Locle

1 Comment »  August 1st, 2008  in News

Mike Butcher of TechCrunch UK reviews Manchester-based Locify and compares them to Dublin-based Locle.

“It reminds me slightly of the Irish Locle startup, a new mobile application that lets users see where their friends and family are without the need for GPS or mobile network operator location based services. However, Locle is much more social in that it integrates with social application platforms such as Facebook, Bebo and MySpace to bring social networking functionality to the phone. Locify is much more of a platform.”

We agree :-)


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  1. David Cizek Says:

    We agree, too :-)

    I suppose that it is fine that Locify and Locle goes a little bit different ways. Plenty of room for both of us here. Good luck for you (and for us, too, of course :-))