Locle viral marketing with Facebook Mobile

2 Comments »  January 8th, 2009  in News

James “Scoops” Cooper of Mjelly.com says:
“…Another viral mechanism that the web guys have been using recently is integrating with Facebook, mainly through developing a facebook application which can be promoted within the newsfeeds or through mass invites. Again, this isn’t something mobile services have made much use of – until now! Locle – a fantastic Irish mobile LBS startup has managed to integrate its service with the facebook mobile extension of the developer platform – allowing them to promote their mobile app and site through the social network. This is the first time I’ve seen anyone doing this on mobile and it’s potentially incredibly powerful.”


2 Responses to “Locle viral marketing with Facebook Mobile”

  1. james (mjelly) Says:

    Hey guys – glad you saw this – i think you are the first people to do this apart from maybe Frengo so maximum respect!

  2. PeterD Says:

    Where can we get the facebook app?